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We are two passionate persons that said our goodbyes to the corporate world. Life is short; too short to be wasting it by spending your time filling your pockets (and to a greater extend someone else’s pockets) with money. We were living in The Netherlands when we came to realize this. In search of an answer to our life questions, we decided to focus on our passion: St James Way! Meet our team and read their stories… Buen Camino!

Meet our Team

St James Way Coach


Luisa has a background in management, leadership development and physical therapy. Her passion is helping people unleash their highest potential. With over 18 years experience in the corporate world she knows the ins and outs of work/life balance and leadership coaching.

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St James Way Guide


Joyce has a background in graphic design and post order logistics. Her passion has always been to help others in any way she can. Making sure you have the best experience ever on the St James Way to Santiago is her mission. Her keen eye for people’s needs, together with her love for nature and the environment make her a true pilgrim’s servant.

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St James Way Pilgrim and Guide


Wally was born from Joyce’s mind while dreaming about the camino to Santiago. He represents all arrows you will be following on your Way; your guides – that simple sign that makes your hart lighter when you see it, and your humble companion all the way.

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