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St James Way, ‘el camino’ teaches you amazing things that I was unable to learn in a corporate environment.

Everyone can be a leader: a statement you hear everywhere lately, although not everyone walks the talk!

El camino teaches you how to walk. I’m there to link your lessons to post-camino life so you can start practicing what you preach and become a true leader.

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There are basically three passions in my life: my partner Joyce, the combo food & Spain, and helping others.

I’m very lucky those three combine very well.

A year ago it wasn’t that clear to me what my passions were. I knew I liked to help others and I was doing that in the busy corporate world where as a manager you often had to take decisions that were not really ‘helping’ people at all (well, the decisions were helping some people, but not the ones I really wanted to help).

The only one born in the Netherlands from a family of Spanish immigrants, I was the only one of the three kids that always wanted to go back to Spain. I kept pushing that dream away with logic for a lot of years. Returning every couple of years to our home town in Galicia (O Carballino) was not avoided and triggered the dreaming each time over and over again.

Every time we went back and tasted the delicious food we found ourselves upon return getting slightly depressed without the good food and without the good weather.

I had a job, we were settled in The Netherlands – we kept ignoring the call.

Finally forced into the decision to leave the corporate world (from that perspective a massive lay-off can earn a big hurrah from where I see it now) I got the chance to think about my passions. One thing led to another and here we are: Camino Comfort, two pilgrim ladies at your service doing the one-thing that combines all their passions. We are fortunate, we are rich (in other ways than financially lol), we are happy and usually relaxed.

I hope that the passions we have combined create the force that will trigger you to do it: do it NOW. You might regret some parts of discomfort along the way, but it will be so much worse to regret having tried it. Go for it – it’s the most magical and freeing experience that you’ll ever have.

I hope to meet  you some day: whether it is in person, via Skype, along the way as your guide or as your personal life coach. Bless you!

Buen camino!


Luisa Carou Ferreiro