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The amazing feeling you get when you walk the St James Way is priceless!

You are one with nature and if you allow that feeling to take control, the camino really gives you its best.

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I always find it difficult to tell in a few words who I am and what I do.
I actually don’t care much about what someone else does for a living (unless it’s illegal). Not that I don’t care about others, but I believe that your job doesn’t make you who you are or what you believe in.
It’s what you do and how you treat others: that’s what really counts for me.
So… about me… I try to be the best I can for all those around me including animals and insects (though I have to be honest I’m not very fond of spiders, wasps, tics and mosquito’s…. but otherwise they’re safe with me). I like to help others where I can and Luisa does too, so that’s why we created Camino Comfort;  it’s something we are passionate about.
If starting your camino is just that much easier thanks to our effort to share all we know or encountered on our ways, our main objective is accomplished.

There are lots of books, websites and blogs with information about the camino. There are always questions left unanswered or the information is simply not tailored to specific needs.
I don’t know where you come from but here in Holland (also known as The Netherlands) there are not that many resources in Dutch. Gear-wise it was a pretty hard task to find good, affordable and light-weight stuff.  Even then my pack was too heavy the first time, but that was maybe due to my DSLR camera?! LOL!
So yes, we too learned on the way and sometimes the hard way (there is room for less stuff every new camino trip). You won’t have to go through those first hard experiences if you read on in the sections of this web site.

One thing we learned the best is to prevent, instead of heal/deal with al kind of issues. Be wise and don’t overdo it, there’s no one at the end saying you should have walked faster or a longer distance. You walk for YOU. Keep that in mind! We saw people on the camino rushing like they would do in rush-hour on their way to work. If they would have looked up they would have noticed a big question mark upon our foreheads!  “Why?” They were too busy to notice us though…

I don’t want that to be your experience. Walk at your own pace and enjoy the nature around you….! It’s not the destination that matters; the camino is all about the journey itself.

Back to me; I love Spain and its citizens. Luisa is Spanish and she is even from Galicia! We like others to see, feel and taste everything what’s good in and from Spain. So for us, it’s not just about the camino.
I truly would be sad if you didn’t enjoy or at least try the Spanish cuisine. It doesn’t have to be fancy; a loaf of bread with good Spanish ham, a drizzle of olive-oil and some rasped tomato is a feast, well, at least for me it is…. I’m also a big fan of the Galician empanadas, after a long walk nothing beats an empanada de atún! I love pimientos de Padron although I’m also a bit scared of them I somehow always pick the hot ones… Well, I can talk for hours about Spanish food and that’s nowhere near being exaggerated.
I hope we are of any help to you. Maybe you’ll let us know when you’ve finished your way?
I can’t think of anything more than to wish you: “Buen Camino”

Joyce Saris