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Hi!  Well I’ll be arrowed!

A pilgrim!

Now… don’t give me that look,

I know a pilgrim when I see one!

Wally the Arrow

There are hundreds of Camino lovers that make sure my team stays available for you. They give us a fresh painted dress every once in a while and keep us and the roads in good shape. We are thankful for that as it enables us to keep guiding you along the camino to Santiago. You will see me pop up here at Camino Comfort to give you all the advice you need. If there is anything you need and you can’t find it, feel free to pop a question and I will do my arrowed best to answer to your needs!

My name is Wally the Arrow, although most Spanish folks just call me ‘La Flecha’, which means ‘The Arrow’ in Spanish.
All this planning stuff is good, but without meaning to sound arrogant: an arrow is all you need to get to Santiago…

So, not sure yet, are you? Well, let me tell you that the hosts of Camino Comfort had the same thoughts before doing their first Camino. It’s normal, don’t worry too much about it!

Let’s take it step by step, just like you do with walking…

Take a look at the stuff on these pages and take your pick. Some pilgrims worry about their pack weight, some about the marks on The Way (my fellow arrow-army will always be there for you, pilgrim’s honor!), and there are some pilgrims that just start off and don’t worry too much – but wished they had so, a couple of days or weeks after starting.

I’ll give you some advice here: worry a little, but just enough to cover the bases. Creativity & Fate need room in your planning to create your own little miracle. Don’t take that away, you are worth it!

  1. Take the information from Camino Comfort, it’s free!
  2. We are preparing a shop so pilgrims can get their hands on a set of things to carry on the camino that will make the trip a lot easier and as comfy as possible.
  3. At Camino Comfort, we are not into blindly selling stuff to simply make a lot of money. That is not the reason why we started this adventure! We are there to make a pilgrim’s life easier so they can focus on their main purpose; walk, disconnect, find answers to life’s questions, and return safely home with an amazing story to tell your family and friends. So, no expensive ‘trendy’ stuff. Only products that are value-adding to your experience, and all tested by Camino Comfort on real Camino trails!

Now, let’s start walking around here! You can use the menu at the top of the screen!

Buen Camino,

Wally the Arrow