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History of The Way

The history of the Way of St. James is vast and has multiple embedded versions depending on whether the history is being looked at from a Christian perspective or other perspectives. We could try to gather here all information and start a new thread on this but to be honest, we have reviewed the wiki sources and they are, for this subject, very up to date and concise, and contain multiple valuable links that will help you further depending on your personal interests.

So let’s skip the internet users’ tendency to recycle information and reinventing of the wheel…

Here are the links to the Wiki pages, depending on your preferred language. Once on the Wiki pages, you can find more language-specific sites in their menu on the left.

English – Español – Galego – Français – Deutsch – Nederlands


The Camino Francés is the most popular one. Maybe you want to try to avoid the masses but don’t want to be the only pilgrim on a long-distance trail either? Check out the statistics and take your pick to start planning. We can personally recommend you the Camino Portugues (and doing the coast route in Galicia is absolutely gorgeous – imagine the ‘pilgrim resting on the beach experience’). Another route that is worthwhile doing is the Camino Sanabres, that will take you through a completely different part of Galicia (our home-town part actually…).

The old Pilgrim Office

You can find the most recent statistics at this link: Official statistics issued by the Pilgrims Office (Oficina de Acogida al Peregrino).

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