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On the map: black route.

Popular option: leave Porto following the orange route (Camino Portugués Litoral), and then join the black route via one of the blue routes (the most popular leaving from Vila do Conde to join up with the Central route).

26.5 km – Not the most scenic stage since you are walking out of a big city and an industrial area, however, that’s also part of life :-).

An alternative, as many pilgrims take nowadays, is to take the Porto Metro through this area.

Another alternative, is to walk the Coastal Way and/or Litoral Way from Porto onward: check out those stages in the section ‘Coastal/Litoral’.

Book your accommodation following the links. We get a small commission which helps us keep this website up and running.

Km 0: Porto (All services) Book your accommodation in Porto here

Senhora da Hora (refugio de peregrinos 1.5 km from Camino)

Km 9.3: Araújo (bar, restaurant, shop, pharmacy, train station)

Km 13: Moreira da Maia (All services)

Km 17.6: Mosteiró (bar, restaurant, shop, pharmacy)

Km 19.1: Vilar (bar, pharmacy)

Km 21.9: Gião (bar, restaurant, shop)

Km 23.9: Vairão (albergue, bar, restaurant, shop)

Km 24.9: Monasterio de Vairão (albergue de peregrinos)

Km 26.5: Vilarinho (all services, Albergue Casa da Laura, Acogida Casa Familia Vidal)

27.3 km

Km 0: Vilarinho

Km 4.9: São Mamede (bar, restaurant)

Km 7.5: São Miguel de Arcos (accommodation, bar, restaurant, shop)

Km 11.4: São Pedro de Rates (all services, Albergue de peregrinos, Casa Rural Casa Mattos)

Km 18.1: Pedra Furada (all services, Acogida, Quinta de Santa Leocádia)

Km 21.6: Pereira

Km 23.8: Carvalhal

Km 26.9: Barcelinhos (all services)

Km 27.3: Barcelos (all services, book your accommodation here)

34.5 km

Km 0: Barcelos

Km 10: Portela de Tamel (all services)

Km 15.7: Balugães (accommodation, bar, restaurant)

Km 22.3: Vitorino dos Piães (Acogida Casa da Fernanda at Km 20!, bar, restaurant, accommodation)

Facha (casa rural)

Sobreiro (albergue)

Seara (hotel)

Km 34.5: Ponte de Lima (all services, book your accommodation here)

17.4 km

Km 0: Ponte de Lima

Km 2.8: Arcozelo

Km 8.2: Codeçal (bar-restaurant half-way)

Climb to Alto da Portela Grande de Labruja (400 m)

Km 12.4: Aqualonga (Quinta da Preza)

Km 17.4: Rubiães (all services)

19.1 km

Km 0: Rubiães (all services)

Km 4.4: São Bento da Porta Aberta (Casa da Capela and bar)

Km 7.5: Fontoura (Quinta, bar, restaurant)

Paços (Quinta Estrada Romana)

Km 11: Pedreira (quintas)

Km 16.3: Valença do Minho (all services, bus station, train station, book your accommodation here)

Km 19.1: Tui (all services, book your accommodation here) We recommend 100% Ideas Peregrinas!

18,7 km

Km 0: Puente Internacional (from Valença to Tui crossing the river Miño)

Km 2,1: Tui (All services) Book your accommodation in Tui here.

Km 3,2: San Bartolomé de Rebordans

Km 5,3: Virxe do Camiño

Km 8: A Magdalena (Bar, Vending)

Km 10,9: Orbenlle (Bars)

Km 18,7: O Porriño (All services) Book your accommodation in O Porriño here.

Camino Portugues Stage 1

15,2 km

Km 0: O Porriño (All services)

Km 1,5: Ameiro Longo

Km 5,5: Mos (Albergue, Bar, Shop)

Km 8,5: Capilla de Santiaguiño de Antas (Bar)

Km 13,8: O Muro (Bar)

Km 15,2: Redondela (All services) Book your accommodation in Redondela here.

Camino Portugues Stage 2

18,2 km

Km 0: Redondela (All services)

Km 3,1: Cesantes. N-550 (Albergue, Bar)

Km 6,3: Arcade (Bars, Inns, Albergues, Shops, Health center, Pharmacy, ATM)

Km 8: Ponte Sampaio (Bar and shop near the church)

Pay attention to the signs. A few kilometers before Pontevedra there is an alternative route that is a beautiful walk through a small forest, along the river. A great alternative for the traditional way into Pontevedra, which is along a busy road with no shadow. You will know when you are approaching the end of this alternative trail when you see traffic passing by over a bridge, just in front of you (look up). That’s the point where you need to turn right, instead of continuing straight on. Continuing straight on will take you also to the same spot, but you’ll pass a gipsy camp under the bridge, which can be a little unpleasant.

Km 18,2: Pontevedra (All services) Book your accommodation in Pontevedra here.

Camino Portugues Stage 3

Once arrived at Pontevedra, you have 2 options: continue on the traditional Portugues Way (read on) or take the Spiritual Variant (Variante Espiritual).

To check-out the Spiritual Variant, please take a look at the Variante Espiritual section.

23 km

Km 0: Pontevedra (All services)

Km 10,3: San Amaro (Bar, Albergue of Barro a bit further down the way)

Km 12,9: Valbón (Bar)

Km 16,6: La Seca (Bar-Shop, A couple of 100 meter down the way you’ll find a picnic area besides the river Barosa with a bar and swimming area)

Km 18: Briallos (Albergue, Shop)

Km 20,8: Tivo (Albergue, Bar-restaurant)

Km 23: Caldas de Reis (All services) Book your accommodation in Caldas de Reis here.

Camino Portugues Stage 4

18,5 km

Km 0: Caldas de Reis (All services)

Km 5,5: Santa Mariña de Carracedo (next to road N-550: Bars, Bakery, Pharmacy)

Km 9,3: O Pino (Albergue, Bar)

Km 11,7: San Miguel de Valga (Bar-Shop)

Km 15,3: Infesta-Pontecesures (Albergue, Bar)

Km 16: Albergue de Peregrinos de Herbón indicated

Km 16,3: Pontecesures (All services)

Km 18,5: Padrón (All services) Book your accommodation in Padrón here.

Camino Portugues Stage 5

25,2 km

Km 0: Padrón (All services)

Km 1,2: Iria Flavia

Km 6: A Esclavitude (Bars, Shop)

Km 9,2: A Picaraña (Bars)

Km 10,1: Faramello (Private and municipal albergue, Bars)

Km 11,3: Rúa de Francos / Teo (Bar-restaurant)

Km 17,3: O Milladoiro (All services)

Km 25,2: Catedral-Santiago de Compostela (All services) Book your accommodation in Santiago de Compostela here.

Camino Portugues Stage 6

Play Video about The Camino Portugues Coastal

A beautiful alternative to stages 9 en 10: you don’t want to miss this!

21 km

Km 0: Pontevedra (All services)

Km 8: Poio (All services)

Km 11: Combarro (All services)

If it is a warm day, the advice is to split this stage in two, since the climb to Armenteira starts in Combarro and will coincide with the warm hours of the afternoon.

Staying the night in Combarro is a treat. This old town has a beach and some marvelous horreos along a fabulous beach walk. Hotel Xeito is well-situated and offers very economic rooms.

In the cool morning hours you can start your climb to Armenteira. The first 3 km are the heaviest in terms of elevation. The rest takes you slowly but surely to the wonderful top where you can find a private albergue, a couple of rural houses and the fabulous Monastery of Armenteira where the nuns will take care of you.

Km 21: Armenteira (Bar, Albergue, PousadaMonastery hostal).

24 km

Km 0: Armenteira

From Armenteira to Ponte Arnelas you will enjoy walking the beautiful route called ‘La Ruta de la Piedra y del Agua’. It’s nice and shady and you will see some old mills along the river. (Check out the videos below this section).

Km 12: Ribadumia (All Services))

Km 24: Vilanova de Arousa (All services)

28 km – for albergues at the end of this stage, continue the Camino to Padrón (~1,8 km), the last stage on the Central section.

Km 0: Vilanova de Arousa (All services)

There are two options here: either you walk to Pontecesures, which is 28 km and not very well indicated, or you opt to experience The Translatio…WOW!

Between Vilanova de Arousa and Pontecesures a boat will do the heavy lifting. This boat takes the original route that was used by Theodoro and Athanasio, the disciples of Saint James, when they transported his remains to Galicia.

There are several operators, one of them is https://www.labarcadelperegrino.com/ where you can actually reserve a ticket and see departure times. But don’t worry too much about it. Just go to your accommodation (albergue or otherwise) and they will help you out. Departures of the boats depend on the tide (only during high tide possible). So take into account you might need to have an overnight stay in Vilanova.

The boat crosses the Arousa estuary and the river Ulla up-streams, remembering the journey made by the remains of Saint James, called the Translatio.

The boat trip takes approximately 1 hour and costs 25 Euros. The Albergue is located in the local Sports/Athletics Complex, but you won’t miss it: just follow the Camino ;-).

During the ride a guide (Spanish and English) will enjoy you with the history of the mussel farming in the waters of the estuary.
One of the special things about this boat trip is that you will be traveling along the only maritime Via Crucis in the world where 17 centennial cruceros can be admired – These cruceros give testimony of this path being the origin of all Caminos.

You arrive in Pontecesures, a small town just before Padrón, the Variante Espiritual merges once again with the Camino Portugues, just get out of the boat, follow the road and turn left to cross the bridge.

You can continue reading at the last stage of the Camino de Santiago on the tab ‘Stages’.

Buen Camino and Buen Translatio!

Play Video about Variante Espiritual
Play Video about Camino Portugues

On the map: red (Coastal) and orange (Litoral)

24.5 km

A lot of pilgrims opt to immediately hit the coast line. Once in Porto centre (don’t forget to get your first stamp at the Sé, the great cathedral of O Porto), make your way to the port. Keep the sea at your left hand. Once you reach ‘open’ sea, follow the path to your right always keeping the Atlantic Ocean on your left :-). Follow the Camino signs.

Km 0: Porto (all services, book your accommodation here)

Km 6.1: Foz do Douro (all services, accommodation)

Km 11.3: Matosinhos (all services, accommodation)

Km 12.6: Leça da Palmeira (all services, accommodation)

Km 16.6: Aldeia Nova (Perafita) (accommodation, bar, restaurant, shop)

Km 22.8: Praia de Angeiras (Lavra) (Camping, apartments, bar, restaurant, shop)

Km 23.6: Praia de Labruge (bar, restaurant)

Km 24.5: Labruge (Accommodation, bar, restaurant, shop)

14 km

Km 0: Labruge

Km 0.9: Praia de Labruge (bar, restaurant)

Km 3.4: Vila Chã (all services)

Km 4.5: Louça-Mindelo

Km 10.7: Vila do Conde (all services, accommodation)

Km 14: Póvoa de Varzim (all services, accommodation)

24.5 km

Km 0: Póvoa de Varzim (all services, accommodation)

Km 3.5: A Ver-o-Mar (all services, accommodation)

Km 7.1: Aguçadoura (all services, accommodation)

Km 14: Apúlia (all services, accommodation)

Km 17.7: Fão (all services, accommodation)

Km 20.2: Esposende (all services, accommodation)

Km 24.5: Marinhas (all services, accommodation)

20.8 km

Km 0: Marinhas (all services, accommodation)

Km 2.7: Mar (bar, restaurant, shop, pharmacy)

Km 3.9: Belinho (bar, restaurant, shop, pharmacy)

Km 5.8: Antas (all services)

Km 8.7: Castelo do Neiva (albergue, bar, restaurant, shop, pharmacy)

Km 13.3: Chafé (all services)

Km 15.6: Anha (all services)

Km 18.3: Darque (all services)

Km 20.8: Viana do Castelo (all services, book your accommodation here)

26.8 km

Km 0: Viana do Castelo (all services, book your accommodation here)

Again the choice to go via Areosa Coastal (with official markings) or via litoral (along the beaches).

Km 4.9: Areosa (all services and a Quinta for some luxury :-)).

Km 8.4: Carreço (albergues, all services)

Armada (accommodation)

Loureiro (acommodation)

Afife (all services, 1,5 km from Camino, Hotel Compostela)

Caminho da Tomenga (B&B Casa de Trajinha)

Ancora (all services)

Km 18.3: Vila Praia de Ancora (all services, accommodation)

Km 23: Moledo (bar, restaurant, shop, pharmacy)

Km 26.8: Caminha (all services, book your accommodation here)

In Caminha, you can take the ferry to cross the border over the river Miño :-). Ferry schedules and details can be found locally or here.
If you missed the ferry or are travelling on a day in which there is no schedule you need to ask around the harbor: there are plenty of fishermen who take pilgrims across for a fee.

Another option is to take a 2 x 16 km walk making your way from Caminha to Valenca to continue on the Camino Central.

23.5 km

Km 0: Caminha (all services, book your accommodation here)

In Caminha, you take the ferry to cross the border over the river Miño :-). Ferry schedules and details can be found locally or here.
If you missed the ferry or are travelling on a day in which there is no schedule you need to ask around the harbor: there are plenty of fishermen who take pilgrims across for a fee.

Km 0.7: A Pasaxe (bar, restaurant)
Camping Santa Tecla off the Camino if you need a camping in this area

Km 4.3: A Guarda (all services, accommodation)

Km 11.3: Portecelo (bar)

Km 17.1: Oia (all services, accommodation)

Pedornes (accommodation)

Km 20.7: O Serrallo

Km 23.5: Porto Mougás (all services, albergue Aguncheiro)

16 km

Km 0: Porto Mougás (all services, albergue Aguncheiro)

Km 1.8: Pedra Rubia (hotel, camping, bar, restaurant)

Km 4.3: A Ermida (albergue/camping, hotel, bar, restaurant)

Km 8.2: Baredo (casa rural Oscar, bar, restaurant, shop)

Km 11.5: Baiona – birth place of my paternal grandmother – we started our first Camino here back in 2014. This village is a MUST to check-out. Enjoy the delicious gastronomy. Check-out the port where Columbus arrived and breath in the history of this marvelous place. Book your accommodation here.

Km 14.5: Sabarís (all services, hotels)

Km 16: A Ramallosa (albergue, hotel, apartments)

Camino Oficial: 22.6 km / Variante Litoral (green arrows): 20.8 km

Camino Oficial:

Km 0: A Ramallosa (albergue, hotel, apartments)

Parada (Nigrán): (all services)

Nigrán: (all services)

Camos: (all services)

Km 6.6: Priegue (all services)

Saiáns (albergue San Xurxo)

Start variante to O Freixo indicated

Km 11.4: Coruxo (bar, restaurant, shop, pharmacy)

Km 14: Santo André de Comesaña (bar, restaurant, shop)

Km 15.6: San Pedro de Matamá (all services)

Km 22.6: Vigo (all services, book your accommodation here)

Variante Litoral:

Km 0: A Ramallosa (albergue, hotel, apartments)

A Bouza Vella (Pensión La Chica)

Km 7.4: Saiáns (albergue San Xurxo, bar, restaurant, shop, pharmacy)

Km 10.4: Oia (bar, restaurant, shop, pharmacy)

Km 20.8: Vigo (all services, book your accommodation here).

16 km

Km 0: Vigo (all services, book your accommodation here)

Very nice walk along the Senda da Traída das Augas.

Chapela (all services)


Km 14.1: Cedeira (bar)

Km 16: Redondela (all services, including train station, book your accommodation in Redondela here)

Continue on Camino Portugues Central section at Stage 8

Play Video about Camino Portugues