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21 km

Km 0: Santiago de Compostela (All services) Book your accommodation following the links. We get a small commission which helps us keep this website up and running.

Km 2,3: Sarela da Baixo

Km 8,8: Alto do Vento (Bar)

Km 10,2: Lombao: (Albergue)

Km 11,6: Augapesada (Bar-Shop)

Km 15: Trasmonte (Bar)

Km 17: Ponte Maceira (Bar)

Km 20,2: A Chancela (Albergues)

Km 21: Negreira (All services)

Camino de Finisterra Stage 1

33,4 km

Km 0: Negreira (All services)

Km 4,6: Camiño Real

Km 8,2: A Pena

Km 12,7: Vilaserío (Albergues, Bar)

Km 21,5: Santa Mariña (Albergue, Bar)

Km 24,4: Vilar do Castro


Km 27,9: Abeleiroas (Alternative route available here of ~2 km to A Picota, bigger village with all services. It is possible to continue the way from there without returning to Abeleiroas)

Km 30: San Cristovo de Corzón

Km 31,6: Ponte Olveira (Albergue-Bar)

Km 33,4: Olveiroa (Albergues, Bars)

Camino de Finisterra Stage 2

34,9 km

Km 0: Olveiroa (Albergues, Bars)

Km 3,7: O Logoso (Albergue-Shop, Bar)

Km 6: Here you decide whether you want to walk directly to Finisterre, or first go to Muxía.

Km 19,5: Cee (All services)

Km 21: Corcubión (All services)

Km 21,8: Vilar (Albergue)

Km 25,7: Sardiñeiro (Bars, Shop)

Km 28,8: Calcoba (Bar)

Km 31,7: Fisterra (All services)

Km 34,9: Faro de Fisterra – enjoy your view and don’t burn anything!


Camino de Finisterra Stage 3a

32,5 km

Km 0: Olveiroa (Albergues, Bars)

Km 3,7: Logoso (Albergue-Shop, Bar)

Km 6: Here you decide whether you want to walk directly to Finisterre, or first go to Muxía.

Km 8,7: As Carizas

Km 10,5: Dumbría: (All services)

Km 13,5: Trasufre

Km 16: Senande (Bar, Shop)

Km 21,3: Quintans (Bar, Shop)

Km 23,6: Vilar de Sobremonte

Km 26,8: Os Muiños (Bar, Shop, Pharmacy)

Km 32,5: Muxía: (All services)

Camino de Finisterra Stage 3b

Whether you first went to Fisterra, or first to Muxía, you’ll want to visit both of them; you don’t want to miss out either, really…

29,3 km

Km 0: Fisterra (All services)

Km 1,7: San Martiño de Duio

Km 9,7: Padris

Km 13,6: Lires (Inns, Bar, Shop)

Km 20: Morquintián

Km 29,3: Muxía (All services)

The ‘End’ for the die-hard Pilgrims, where they visit the Sanctuary of ‘A Virxe da Barca’ (Virgin of the Boat’) which stands on a rocky ridge above the surf. In times of heavy weather the waves crash on the walls of the church. To most of you Muxía does not sound familiar probably, but the news of November 2002 when the oil tanker ‘Prestige’ leaked about 70.000 gallons of oil into the Atlantic, causing a major environmental and economic disaster, will probably ring a bell… It happened along the coast part of Muxía, devastating completely the local economy. Despite the extensive cleaning projects that did an amazing job, we were still able to see black spots that the oil left on some of the rocks when we were there in 2014.


Camino de Finisterra Stage 5

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