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Camino Packing List – Camino Buff

Camino Buff

Camino Packing List – Camino Buff

The quest of picking one item per Camino Packing List Category that I couldn’t do without on my Camino continues. While it was somewhat difficult in the previous category (General Gear), today it’s going to be a lot easier. So much, that the item I picked is already in the title of this post: my Camino Buff.

Let’s start with the name, because ‘Buff’ is used nowadays to indicate any of the available seamless, tubular garments. Yes, a simple tubular garment can be obtained at a very low cost. However, they aren’t all seamless and their fabric and the way they are produced are the reason why they are cheap. Do they work as well as the original Buff? No. We tested it.

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