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Cobber Cooling Neck Wrap Black

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Cobber Cooling Neck Wrap – The Original

Vrijdag 7 augustus is de Cobber Koelsjaal verschenen bij de NOS en later op de avond nogmaals in het TV programma Hart van Nederland! Bekijk hier de uitzending (ongeveer bij minuut 16.16).

From the Australian Outback we welcome The Original Cobber Cooling Neck Wrap. Made out of a combo of polyester and cotton, this wrap is filled with polycrystals and it’s unique design makes you stay cool in the warmest of days. Genius Cobber did not stop there though.

What if we tell you that this unique product:

  • will keep you immediately cool and, if needed, for 5 days in a row
  • can be activated in simple clean water, you don’t even need a refrigerator!
  • can be used as an ice-pack to treat injuries by placing it in a freezer
  • it’s function can be turned into a warm pack by activating it in hot water, or
  • turned into a hot-pack by placing it for a couple of seconds in your microwave

Astonishing, divers, or simply said: this is really a cool product. To put it in Cobber’s own words: CoolCoolestCobber :-).

What else? The Cobber Cooling Neck Wrap is non-toxic and Australian :-).

Let’s take a closer look at this Australian lifesaving gadget:

How it works

You place your Cobber Cooling Neck Wrap in clean water for about 30 minutes. The non-toxic crystals will absorb the water and start to expand. It’s quite amazing to see and feel the process by the way. The end result is a portable cooling system which, wrapped around your neck, will start to cool you down by means of evaporation.

Wrap it around your neck, forehead or wrist and the cooling relief starts immediately.
We found it most effective around the neck. The reason is simple: thanks to both your carotid arteries in the neck your body temperature will start lowering immediately due to the maximized evaporative effect in that location.

The material may become warm against the skin but by simply rotating the wrap, the cooling effect is rejuvenated immediately!

  1. Quickly hand wash the Cobber before activating.
  2. Soak your Cobber in clean cool water for about 15 minutes.
  3. Distribute the crystals evenly through the wrap, and put it back in the water to soak for about 15 minutes more.
  4. The Cobber is now ready for use. To keep it cool, regularly turn the neck wrap while you wear it.
  5. The Cobber can be reactivated again and again by soaking in water.
  6. Hang it up to dry in the shade after use and the crystals will recover to its original state for easy storage.

The Cobber Cooling Neck Wrap on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela

Let op: deze nieuwe voorraad wordt dit weekend verwacht. Versturing maandag 14 september.

Camino Comfort is very, very happy to be able to offer you The Original Cobber. It simply beats every ‘cooling shawl’ out there, truth be told.
You will be walking in Spain on your Camino adventure, not in the Outback of Australia, but seriously: when it get’s over 25 or 30 degrees on the Camino, your energy is drained and you’ll be happy and a lot safer if you wear your Cobber.

So don’t hesitate. We are convinced: it’s coming with us on every Camino. Hey, I’m even wearing it now while I sit in my garden writing this piece ;-).

Returns: returns will only be accepted if unused and with package seal unbroken.

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