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Varta Lithium Professional AA


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Varta Lithium Professional AA 1,5 Volt

One package contains 2 Varta Lithium Professional AA batteries. Live up to the highest quality and performance expectations of today’s technology. The perfect solution for high energy-consuming devices. This battery lasts 8 x longer than a normal alkaline battery. It keeps performing perfectly within a temperature range of -40 to +50 °C.

Lithium batteries are the ideal choice for all digital high-performance products such as digital cameras, flashlights, MP3-players, hand-held games consoles or outdoor sensors. Minimal self-discharge and 15 years shelf life. Electro-chemical system: primaire Lithium CardPower (LI / IRON DI).

Tip for Camino pilgrims: if you have some lightweight gear like a headlight you should consider using these batteries instead of the normal alkaline ones, since those are much heavier.

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