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Saint Christopher Key Chain


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Saint Christopher key chain – Nickel free

Saint Christopher is the patron of travelers. As such, a Saint Christopher symbol is often carried by pilgrims on their way to Santiago.

It also makes a very nice present for a pilgrim to wish him safe travels. This key chain puts the symbol to additional practical use.

Some additional info on Saint Christopher (source: Wikipedia)

Saint Christopher is a widely popular saint, especially revered by athletes, mariners, ferrymen, and travelers. He is revered as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. He holds patronage of things related to travel and travelers, against lightning and pestilence, and patronage for archers; bachelors; boatmen; soldiers; bookbinders; epilepsy; floods; fruit dealers; fullers; gardeners; a holy death; mariners; market carriers; motorists and drivers; sailors; storms; surfers; toothache; mountaineering; and transportation workers.

That Christopher’s name, meaning “Christ-bearer”, foretells his adult life may give a clue that his story lacks a precise historical origin. He may be the same figure as Saint Menas. His most famous legend, which is mainly known from the West and may draw from Ancient Greek mythology, tells that he carried a child, who was unknown to him, across a river before the child revealed himself as Christ. Therefore, he is the patron saint of travelers, and small images of him are often worn around the neck, on a bracelet, carried in a pocket, or placed in vehicles by Christians.

Medallions with St. Christopher’s name and image are commonly worn as pendants, especially by travelers, to show devotion and as a request for his blessing. Miniature statues are frequently displayed in automobiles. In French a widespread phrase for such medals is “Regarde St Christophe et va-t-en rassuré” (“Look at St Christopher and go on reassured”, sometimes translated as “Behold St Christopher and go your way in safety”); Saint Christopher medals and holy cards in Spanish have the phrase “Si en San Cristóbal confías, de accidente no morirás” (“If you trust St. Christopher, you won’t die in an accident”). In Austria an annual collection for providing vehicles for the use of missionaries is taken up on a Sunday close to the feast of Saint Christopher, asking people to contribute a very small sum of money for every kilometer that they have traveled safely during the year.

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