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Hand-painted Saint James Shell – Limited Editions




Hand-painted Saint James Shell – Limited Editions

The hand-painted Saint James Shell is in one word: unique. Each design has been hand-painted by Joyce Saris. The shells went through an intensive backing process to finish up the beautiful designs so you don’t need to worry about them getting wet. You can even throw them in the dish washer after your Camino :-).

Most pilgrims will have a Santiago shell on their backpacks. This design is unique though, so it will certainly stand out.

We only have 1 of each in stock, except for the Dutch Flag, Dutch Feet and the Buen Camino shell. These are still hand-painted though, so they can slightly differ.

Joyce does not use templates in her art :-).

The shells are of the large kind.

This post is also available in: Dutch

Additional information

Weight 66 g
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 2 cm

Dutch Flag, Dutch Feet, Arrow, Buff, Cathedral, Concha, Cruz Ferro, Cute Feet, Frances, Hike, Pilgrim, Mojon, Steps, Purple, Red, Stars, Stripes, Sunset, Buen Camino


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