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Buen Camino Patch – Wally The Arrow

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Buen Camino Patch – Wally The Arrow

Wally The Arrow is Camino Comfort’s mascot and we are proud to present the one and only Wally Buen Camino Patch! The Yellow Arrow converted to a funny animation who will guide you along the way and gives a lot of tips & tricks on our website. You can read his introduction here.

“Buen Camino” is the most spoken phrase you will hear on your walk and while it has the same meaning as our usual ‘have a good trip’, on the Camino it means so much more: may your journey  be healing, be safe, stay strong, etc. Once you get to Santiago, you will miss it. Once you get home you’ll have to contain yourself – you might be shouting it out to the occasional backpacker.

Warning: with this patch on your backpack you might have other pilgrims following your arrow ;-).

Size: 6,8 x 9 cm.

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Weight3 g
Dimensions6,8 × 9 × 0,2 cm