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Woven Camino Bracelet



Woven Camino Bracelet

We have 4 different designs of this beautifully Woven Camino Bracelet. They are well designed and have a durable closure.
The metal ‘beads’ that were used in this design are not fixed. This means you can opt to space them out a bit while wearing, or keep them close together like you see in the product image.
It is adjustable to size by cutting the excess off. The durable closure might need to be tightened a little bit if you are planning on wearing the bracelet during your Camino. Since the shoulder strap rubs against your arm when you take your backpack off, the usually sufficient grip of the bracelet will not be enough. So, make sure you tighten it a little bit before you wear it on your Camino with your backpack on.

If you’d like to learn more about the Camino symbols, you can take a look at our page Scallop shells & Other Camino Symbols.

Inner diameter closed bracelet: +/- 7 cm.
Weight: 9 grams

Additional information

Weight9 g
Dimensions21,5 × 1 × 0,5 cm

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