Camino Xmas Cards Set 3

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Exclusive Camino Xmas Cards by Alex

With these exclusive Camino Xmas Cards you will bring the Camino and Christmas Joy together this year. Happy Camino memories under the Christmas tree :-). Send your fellow-pilgrims a unique and beautiful card: you will give them a moment of pure joy at Christmas! Order today and get your cards in time to send out for Xmas! Alex is an amazing designer with her own unique Doodle style. In love with the Camino herself, she is able to grasp what the Camino meant for you just by listening to your story or looking through the amazing pictures you made during your hike. She translates facts to feelings, pours some of her creative magic over it and the result is a unique piece of Camino art.

This post is also available in: Dutch

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Dimensions 182 x 117 cm


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