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Sea to Summit Airlite Towel Medium



Sea to Summit Airlite Towel Medium

The Airlite Towel by Sea to Summit Medium is one of the results of our personal quest to find a microfiber towel that isn’t too annoying when drying your skin. It is annoying when you have to tap-dry your whole body. You want to rub your skin and a lot of microfiber towels out there simply do not work that way because they get stuck on wet skin forcing you to tap your way and leaving you with  sense of not having dried your skin at all. We tested a lot of microfiber towels and almost lost hope in ever finding one that would grant a similar drying experience as your regular towel at home. We found a couple of them (check also the ones from Cocoon) as close as possible for this type of material! If you want the ultimate dry experience you should try our Hamam towels, but if nice bright colors are not your thing and ultralight is, the Airlite Towel by Sea to Summit will do the job.

The Airlite Towel: an ultralight and super compact towel designed for minimalist adventures and everyday activities.

The Airlite fabric is super light weight, it is made from microfibre yarn allowing it to absorb over three times its weight in water. The low fabric weight results in a high surface area making the Airlite their fastest drying towel. After use, simply tie it to your backpack and it will dry in no time.

By laser-cutting the edge instead of over-locking, we have further reduced the exceptionally small packed size so it fits easily in a backpack waist belt, gym bag or travel tote.

The storage stuff sack is connected with a press stud to keep them together and can be disconnected during use. When hanging the towel, reconnect the stuff sack and hang on the webbing strap. They are color-matched to the towel and clearly labelled for easy identification.

  • Fast drying
  • Tiny packed size
  • Easy storage in its 15D Nylon stuff sack
  • Elongated proportions for dual use as a bandanna or for neck protection
  • Perfect for sweat management during sport
  • Doubles as an ultralight dishcloth
  • Towel: 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon, Stuff Sack: 100% Nylon excluding Trims

Size XXS = 36 x 36 cm – 12 grams
Size XSM = 40 x 80 cm – 30 grams
Size M = 50 x 100 cm – 47 grams
Size L = 60 x 120 cm – 67 grams

Additional information

Weight47 g
Dimensions50 × 100 cm

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