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5 Disposable Blood Lancets

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5 Disposable Blood Lancets

There is a lot of advice out there on how to treat and take care of your blisters. You can read our advice and check out some valuable links here. The best method to pop a blister is using a disposable blood lancet. We sell them individually because you might not need that many as you think. Read on.

To pop or not to pop is a very important question. On our foot care page we included links to the best resource we found on the internet so far. We find it to be very complete, making sense, and is as scientifically grounded as it can be. It contains all information you ever wished for related to blister prevention and management. We love to share it with you here again: www.blisterprevention.com.au by Rebecca Rushton.

If you follow her advice,  you won’t be popping the blister and you won’t need these Lancets. If you have a blood blister you should get medical advice before even thinking of popping it!

There is probably one situation where you would consider popping a blister: it’s big, very painful, you need to continue walking AND the blister is already likely to tear anyway. Very good resource to read about this and other advice, including some very good instruction videos: How to drain a blister (by Rebecca Rushton).

Having said that, we do want to offer the lancets in our shop, since you might need them and we prefer you using these sterile ones than thinking you can sterilize your own with a match or a lighter (As Rebecca says: you can’t, the flame is yellow and is not hot enough).

Avoid infections by using these individually wrapped disposable and sterilized blood lancets. If you have to pop, pop it the right way!


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