TickTwister by O’TOM

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Tick Twister by O’TOM

A tick-bite can be a bit scary and not everyone is as good with old-fashioned tweezers. The most important signs and symptoms after a tick-bite to keep an eye on are the ones indicating a possible infection with Lyme Disease (bull’s-eye pattern). We at Camino Comfort own two dogs and have had enough experience with all sorts of tick removal tools. All-time winner is definitely TickTwister from O’TOM.

O’TOM TickTwister® is the handy and light-weight tool to remove a tick the correct way: easy, fast, safe and painless.

With this removal method you don’t need to worry of damaging the tick’s body (leading to potential infection with Lyme disease).

Advantages of this method:

  • no remaining tick parts in skin after removal
  • easy and safe
  • fast & painless
  • no need of alcohol, oil or other substances
  • works without pressure on the tick’s body, so optimal avoidance of potential infections

The TickTwister package contains 2 twisters so you can pick the right twister according to the tick’s size. They are very small and light-weight so you can just tuck them away in your backpack or emergency kit.

Take a look at the official O’TOM TickTwister video and you’ll see how easy this method is.

For more information on these and other critters, check out our info page.

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