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First Aid Dressing

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First Aid Dressing

What is a HeltiQ First Aid Dressing?
HeltiQ First Aid Dressing is a wound pad and fixation bandage in one, with which you can cover sterile wounds quickly. The dressing consists of a highly absorbent wound pad and has a rolled elastic fixation bandage on both sides. Thanks to the unique folding method of the First Aid Dressing, you can place it sterile on your wound without having to touch it. This keeps the sterility of the First Aid Dressing intact.

Size: 6 x 8 cm

Storage advice and shelf life

Store the dressing in a dry and dark place in the original, unopened package. The dressing then remains sterile during the shelf life, which is stated on the packaging.


Remove the dressing from the packaging.

Grasp the left and right side of the elastic fixation band with both hands. Make sure that the bandages are at the top.

Pull your hands apart so that the dressing opens. Put the dressing directly on the wound. The quick-connection can no longer shift.

Secure the wound bandage by first securing the short bandage. Then the long bandage is attached, it overlaps the wound pad. The wound pad must be covered so that no openings are visible.

Make sure that the bandage is not applied too tightly.

Additional information

Weight16 g
Dimensions6 × 8 cm