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LEKI Rubber Tip Trekking

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LEKI Rubber Tip Trekking

The LEKI Rubber Tip Trekking absorbs shocks and vibrations well during your hikes on paved terrain. It also avoids the annoying sounds your poles make when using them without rubber tips. These rubber tips fit all LEKI Trekking poles.

Tip for Camino Pilgrims: you will regularly come across other pilgrims who did not think this through and use their poles without any tips on them. Take our friendly advice: don’t be one of them. On the Camino there are regularly long stretches where you will be walking on terrain that is either paved or semi-paved. The rhythmic sound of your poles becomes gradually an annoyance to your fellow walkers. If you don’t want to do it for others, do it for yourself: the sound will make you crazy.

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