Clothesline and Universal Sink Plug

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Clothesline and Universal Sink Plug – Washing Set by Bo-Trail

An elastic peg-free 150 cm clothesline and universal sink plug.

With the clothesline from Bo-Trail you don’t need clothespins / pegs!
The smart design holds your clothing securely in place. Each end has a hook for easy hanging and an additional suction cup for convenient attaching to the bathroom wall or window.

Simply pull your clothing through the cords and the tension will hold it in place. Great for traveling (hang clothes in the bathroom of your hotelroom), camping or backpacking.

Lightweight and easy to use. Unstretched length: 1.5 m.

  • Weight 54 g (line + plug)
  • Unstretched length 1.5 m
  • elastic cord
  • Simply pull clothes through the cords and the tension holds them in place.
  • Diameter of the sink plug: 6 cm. Thanks to the water pressure, the plug will remain securely in place. Fits all sinks.
  • Great for camping, or back-packing.

Additional information

Weight54 g
Dimensions150 cm