Spanish for Pilgrims

Spanish for Pilgrims

Learning how to speak Spanish is not essential on the Camino de Santiago.

Knowing a little bit of ‘Spanish for Pilgrims’ will however come in handy in a lot of situations.Spanish for Pilgrims

We met pilgrims in Santiago that really needed our translation skills to get them out of specific situations.
Learn a little bit of Spanish by focusing only on what you should know as a pilgrim.

No matter how little or how much Spanish you know, don’t forget that the most important language tool you have is your non-verbal communication: smile, be kind and support your non-verbal communication with ‘please’ (por favor) and ‘thank you’ (gracias). You’ll be just fine!

We can recommend this title:

Camino Lingo
English – Spanish Words and Phrases
by Reinette N. Voa

If you like e-learning apps you should try this one: Duolingo. You can download their app by visiting this link.

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