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General Care

Like stated before, your physical condition is the most important thing, it’s the basis.

Stay hydrated and take good general care of yourself!

It all starts with good old general hygiene…

Antibacterial Hand Gel

General hygiene

Wash your hands frequently. There might be moments when you need to wash your hands but no facilities are at hand. Take a small mini-bottle of Care plus disinfection lotion with you. Don’t think you’ll need it? Think about these situations:

  • you take a rest room break at a local bar and their rest room facilities look like they are too dirty to even use. Did you know only 5% of people wash their hands properly?
  • you take an emergency rest room break out in the open behind a couple of bushes.
  • you need to take care of your blisters.

Athlete’s Foot

If you notice cracking, itching or skin that looks white, dry or scaly, chances are you have athlete’s foot. A common fungal infection. Not all pilgrims you share showers with are free from this type of feet burdens. So, if you are going out for a swim, and when you plan to take a shower: keep your flip-flops on and hang them on your backpack while walking so they can dry.

If you got it despite of all your precautions: A simple OTC anti-fungal should do the trick. Apply it to the affected areas (and a little bit beyond) for a few weeks. Keep your skin dry so the fungus won’t get a chance to re-surface or spread. While you’re at the pharmacy, might as well get also an anti-fungal in powder form and apply it to the inside of your shoes/boots to prevent re-infection.

Last but not least: if the symptoms persist or you see that the symptoms have spread to your toe nails, go see a doctor to get a stronger prescription med.


As for clothing, make sure it’s made of ‘breathing’ fabric and not cotton. Always wash 1 time before wearing new stuff (you don’t want to get a first allergic reaction to the fabric’s chemical coloring substances). The right size is not ‘one size fits all’. Make sure it’s not tight nor too loose. Don’t forget to apply the same rules to your undies ;-).

Last but not least: apply lubricant to the parts you know will not be covered by clothing but will rub against each other while walking. This typical discomfort is not reserved for the >S sizes. The occurrence of rash on those parts, caused by friction and sweat is a well known discomfort. A bit of lubricant before you start walking can do the trick. Specially if you are wearing shorts… which we don’t recommend for a whole lot of other reasons (a.o. bush, stinging nettles, mosquito’s, and last but not least: the sun). Read more about chub rub interventions on the page about Rash.