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On this page you will find info tailored to the Standard needs.

The big difference with going basic is that you will sleep in your own private room, you will not always depend on cooking your own meals since you like to go out eating at least once a day, preferably dinner.

You do want a decent and clean standard level of living while walking, so you won’t hesitate to take a few extra accessories to make your walking adventure more comfortable.

All these needs dictate the gear you will need to carry with you. Check out your ‘Backpacker packing List Standard’ below.

Every kilo weighs double or triple once you are walking.  When you go ‘standard’ you won’t be carrying a lot of luxury with you. A bit more than the basic die-hard pilgrim, but hey, you want to be able to shave, you want to enjoy the food, and you don’t want to be doing the laundry every day, so an extra set of clothes is your standard. On the other hand, you’ll be taking stuff with you that need to be very low in weight because you do insist on carrying your own backpack.

Just remember this ground rule: at the end of your walking day, your 12 kg pack will feel like 24 kg. Even the most experienced walkers advice to take not more than 10% of your weight. Luisa, the small Spanish one of the team is not totally agreeing with this. “I mean think of it: if you are rather small and overweight you would be allowed to take quite a lot of weight. Not a good idea; don’t take the 10% rule”.

Pack only the things you will need, leave luxury at home as much as possible for your standard and take about 10 kg if you are a guy and about 8 kg max if you are a woman. Take into account that food and water you bring along weighs a total of 2 kg (take or leave). That means that you’re looking at 8 kg and 6 kg gear for men and woman respectively. Your feet, knees and hips will thank you for it. If you think I’m forgetting about the ‘shoulders’, don’t forget to check the ‘Pilgrim’s backpack’ page, where we explain why a good backpack is well fitted when the weight is actually completely on your hips and your shoulders are free of any friction or weight.

In addition we at Camino Comfort are light-weight freaks. We’ll literally search until we drop to find the smallest and lightest products for pilgrims. You will soon be able to purchase them in our little shop we are so proud of (under continuous construction to keep meeting your needs. If there’s anything you miss on the list, give us a heads-up; we are always happy to built upon other pilgrim’s experience!

There are many different needs, maybe as many as there are pilgrims. You won’t be the perfect match with the categories we crafted. Take our case: Joyce is a hybrid between ‘Standard’ and ‘Comfy’ when it comes to eating, sleeping, and personal accessories. Luisa concurs with the eating and sleeping part but will deal with only having 1 extra set of hiking pants to carry less weight (which will mean doing more often the laundry). Check out the different pages on ‘Basic’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Comfy’ needs and discover your own hybrid comfy level. It’s all up to you really; it’s your Camino!

Hi! Wally here. I’m not particularly happy today. Look at my backpack, looks heavy right?Backpacker packing list standard I’m here to warn you: most pilgrims throw a lot of stuff away (or sent it back home) when they are a few days into their travel adventures. They simply come to realize that they are carrying a lot of items that they are not going to be using. We provide information for a backpacker packing list based on your needs and daily budget level. The truth is that a lot of pilgrims pack items with the background idea of ‘just in case’. The Camino Comfort Team has created a couple of example pack lists that will help you decide what stuff to take with you.

You want to carry your own backpack. However, you might need this information in case of emergency. Let’s go through how to use the transport services:

Once you arrive at the albergue you tell the receptionist or owner that you wish to send your pack ahead to a certain location (for which you made reservations).
They will contact the luggage transfer service of your choice (they usually have a list from which you can pick from). Make sure you write down the telephone number of the provider you pick.
The receptionist will give you an enveloped form or a ticket form and you’ll need to fill in your name and your destination of choice. Pay the fee (~5 Euros usually) by putting it in the envelope and attach it to your pack. You can leave the pack in a designated area when you leave in the morning. It will be picked up during the day and dropped off at your destination of choice (probably sooner than your estimated arrival time). Once you arrive, you pick it up and check in at your new accommodation for that night.

What you might need, no matter your level of comfort or desires...

  • General Gear
  • Clothing
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Grooming
  • Health
  • Documents
  • Other

Hiking boots/shoes
Hiking pants long / zip-off (2)
Sandals / rest footwear
Undies (2 or 3)
Winter: thermo underwear (2)
Bra’s (2) (if you're a woman :-)).
Hiking socks (3)
Hiking/swimming shorts (1)
Hiking T-shirts (3)
Water resistent coat (check out our Mac-in-a-Sac)
Head / Cool cap
Buff (take a look at our complete Camino de Santiago Collection!)
Sleep clothing/shirt

Small bag of salty nuts
Mini cork-screw

Summer: Sleeping sheet (this one comes with bed bug protection!)
Pillow, if only ‘your’ pillow works for you (and your neck)
Sleeping mask if you turn in early, or start late.

Microfiber towels (or Hamam towel)
Tampons and/or sanitary napkins
Travel Toiletry Bottles
Wash bag

Personal medication
Pain relief medication
Emergency kit for hikers: with extra blister care items
Anti-septic solution
Alcohol swaps
Afterbite / Anti-mosquito
Nail clippers (this one is flight cabin approved and super lightweight!)
Sun protection cream
After sun
NUUN Active electrolytes
Feet cream care
Muscle ache creams
Antibacterial Hand Gel

Pilgrim Credential
Addresses and phone numbers
Insurance Card / documents
Travel guide / maps
Passport / Travel ID
Document pouches
Reading material
Basic Spanish travel dictionary (Google translator on your phone)

Phone + charger
Scallop shell
Saint James pendant
Pilgrim pins
Camino Patches
Camera, preferably the one in your phone
Lightweight batteries (AA and AAA)

Standard Packing List Additions


The choice is weight versus laundry frequency…


Colder seasons: Sleeping bag + compression bag
All year round: Ultralight Dawn Sleeping Bag


Sonic lightweight Electric Toothbrush
Shampoo / Showering gel / Laundry soap
Hair styling cream/gel
USB Shaver (men), or
Shaving gear, light weight + cap
Shaving leavesshaving oilshaving foam
Facial skin care product
Eau de toilette

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