Backpacker Packing List Comfy

Camino Comfort covers your comfy needs

On this page you will find info tailored to the Comfy needs.

The big difference with going basic or standard is that you won’t be carrying your own backpack.

Your standard is to go as comfortable as possible, period. You plan and book ahead because you want to have your luggage transferred every day. You need a restaurant nearby your hostel, since you are never going to cook your own meals.

All these needs dictate the gear you will need to carry with you. Check out your packing list below.

Backpacker Packing List Comfy

No ‘weight’ talking for you. Your day pack is all you will be carrying and it will contain a rain coat, some food, a camera and maybe even your tablet to be able to blog comfortably about all your adventures. Still, we urge you to prepare well. Even a day backpack with a weight of say 2 or 3 kg can become a real pain after walking for a few hours. It doesn’t hurt to get a good one and avoid this annoyance!

When you go ‘comfy’, in our vocabulary, you will have your luggage transferred to your next destination each day. This means you can pack as much luxury as you want. Hey, you don’t even need a backpack; your regular suit case will work just fine.

We at Camino Comfort are light-weight freaks, but we also like luxury. One of our goals is to combine the two. We like to leave home with luggage that has some ‘room’ for improvement; think ‘Shoppping’…

We’ll literally search until we drop to find the smallest, lightest and prettiest products for pilgrims. You will soon be able to purchase them in our little shop we are so proud of. If there’s anything you miss on the list, give us a heads-up; we are always happy to built upon other pilgrim’s experience!

There are many different needs, maybe as many as there are pilgrims. You won’t be the perfect match with the categories we crafted. Take our case: Joyce is a hybrid between ‘Standard’ and ‘Comfy’ when it comes to eating, sleeping, and personal accessories. Luisa concurs with the eating and sleeping part but will deal with only having 1 extra set of hiking pants to carry less weight (which will mean doing more often the laundry). Check out the different pages on ‘Basic’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Comfy’ needs and discover your own hybrid comfy level. It’s all up to you really; it’s your Camino!

Hi! Wally here! So you like comfortable huh? Perfect! I can relate to that!Backpacker Packing List Comfy

One of the major things that will make you feel comfortable is putting everything you need in your backpacker packing list… and not carrying your backpack, but sending it ahead. Let me tell you about two important conditions:

you’ll have to plan your trip (your next day’s stop) since you will need to know where to have your pack transported to. Keep in mind that most transport services cover only a maximum distance of 25 km, and:

you’ll need to stay in accommodations that allow reservations and are open all day (to receive your pack and keep it safe until you arrive). This usually means that municipal albergues are out of scope since they sometimes close very early.

Now, let’s go through how to use the transport services:

Once you arrive at the albergue you tell the receptionist or owner that you wish to send your pack ahead to a certain location (for which you made reservations).
They will contact the luggage transfer service of your choice (they usually have a list from which you can pick from). Make sure you write down the telephone number of the provider you pick.
The receptionist will give you an enveloped form or a ticket form and you’ll need to fill in your name and your destination of choice. Pay the fee (~5 Euros usually) by putting it in the envelope and attach it to your pack. You can leave the pack in a designated area when you leave in the morning. It will be picked up during the day and dropped off at your destination of choice (probably sooner than your estimated arrival time). Once you arrive, you pick it up and check in at your new accommodation for that night.



Hamam towel – to serve as towel and/or as saray / pareo (large one) in the afternoons and evenings
Toothbrush, Toothpaste+ cap, or…
Toothbrush, electric
Interdental brushes
Showering gel, or
All purpose soap
Hair styling cream/gel
Tampons and/or sanitary napkins
USB Shaver (men), or
Your usual shaving gear + cover
Shaving leaves, shaving oil, shaving foam (men’s)
Facial skin care product.
Eau de toilette
Travel Toiletry Bottles

You can also browse our complete Grooming section.

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