Budget vs Comfort

There are thousands of pilgrims with unique needs.

It would be impossible to cover them all, but we’ve tried to compile all information according to approximate sample budgets so you get an idea of what walking the camino de Santiago costs.

We picked 3 basic budget & comfort levels that might interest you and linked our backpacker’s pack lists to them. You can of course browse through all and simply take the information you think you need.

The prices you see are just indications of what your daily budget would need to be to cover your comfort needs on the camino.

How you define comfort and how much you are willing to spend on it is, of course, very subjective.

So, how much does it cost?

Prices on the camino vary depending on which of the camino routes you take and in what village, town or city you will be staying. It’s not any different than in other parts of the world: the more tourists are around, the more expensive; the larger the town… the higher the price will be for a bed.

Pilgrim NeedsMunicipal albergues are either donativo (voluntary donation at your own discretion) or run around 5 to 8 euro’s a bed.

Private albergues charge usually around 10 to 15 euro’s. A double-room in a pension or hostel runs between 15 and 30 Euros and hotels usually charge 35 Euros or more.

Don’t worry about food: it’s not expensive and very delicious…

Pick your needs and your budget and we'll match it with a packing list


I'm a die-hard!
28 Daily
  • Municipal Albergue (8 euro)
  • Food (20 euro)
  • No luxury


I need to sleep well!
50 Daily
  • Individual room (25 euro)
  • Food (25 euro)
  • No other luxury


Comfy sounds perfect!
70 Daily
  • Hotel (35 euro)
  • Food (30 euro)
  • Luggage transfer (5 euro)

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