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Camino Packing List Categories – General Gear

Camino Packing List Walking Poles

Camino Packing List

One of the major topics on your to-do-list when preparing for your Camino is the answer to the question ‘What do I need to put on my Camino Packing List’?
If I compare our first camino packing list with the current one I can’t help laughing my socks off. But more of that in the next couple of posts on this daunting topic…

I can reproduce our current camino packing list here in 5 seconds. You would be the proud owner of yet another packing list, increasing yet again your doubts on what to take and what to leave behind.

The truth is, your camino packing list is personal and everyone is different. I prefer to take it step by step, let you decide for yourself if you agree on my choices – and provide more info on that item so you can make an adequate decision based on your personal needs.

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