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Your main stamps are the ones you get when you check-in/out of your accommodation. Having a stamp of the location where you spend the night is most important one since it certifies that you passed through that specific location. Per the rules of the pilgrim’s office, you’ll need an additional stamp (with the same date as your check-out date) from a location along the route, since that will certify more or less that you have walked that day. It may seem a bit strange, but there are actually people that just walk a little bit, take a taxi to the next stop and basically do that the whole way. Although the rules of the Pilgrim’s office (to have at least 2 stamps per day) is not a 100% sure check that you completely walked the camino, take them seriously because there have been occasions where they have refused to issue the Compostela certificate.

Most pilgrims don’t have any problem in gathering the required stamps. On the contrary: you will probably experience the stamp-collecting urge yourself. On the Camino Francés it’s ‘stamp-collector heaven’. Cafe’s, bars, churches, shops, and even some individuals that love pilgrims and have created their own stamp: you can find them all on your path.

Camino Comfort Stamp

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