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The public transport in Spain is good.

In general, the links below will get you started. Also check the applicable page of the Way you have chosen (click here) and check the tab ‘Where to start’ where you will find alternatives to get to your starting point.

Taxi: you can ask in any bar, cafe or at your accommodation to order a taxi. It’s relatively cheap compared to other parts of Europe, but as almost anywhere, it is far more expensive than bus or train. For short distances (‘please take me to the albergue, my feet are killing me’ – kind of situations) a taxi is the easiest and fastest way.

Bus: depending on the region you are walking in, you’ll be dealing with different bus operators. A very useful site is  movelia (link to English version). The browser will let you find any available itinerary within Spain. If you are looking for city bus itineraries the best way would be to ask around how to go about (specially in small villages). All middle to major cities have a dedicated bus station and most smaller villages are well connected with a bigger city in the area.

Train: although there are a couple of other private train operators, the most important one in Spain is Renfe. They have a good browser you can use to check available itineraries on their site:

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