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The Compostela is a certificate issued by the pilgrim’s office. To get one, you’ll need to complete at least the final 100 km (walking) or 200 km (cycling/horseback) of a camino. You’ll need to show your pilgrim’s credential so they can check if you have the necessary stamps (sellos). The importance of the Compostela is very subjective. It is important to realize that every pilgrim is different: are pilgrims who walk 100 km and are proud to get the Compostela and on the other end of the spectrum you have the pilgrims that walk 800 kilometers (or more!) and don’t even collect their certificate. Respect everyone’s Camino: whether it was a short one or a long one compared to yours: you don’t know what the other has been through. Don’t judge others: that’s the true Camino Spirit. Read all about the credential here.Compostela


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