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Take 100 persons and you will see 100 different ways to cope with difficulties in life. Take the same 100 persons and tell them what they can expect, and you will see more similarities in how they deal with it. “A warned person counts for two” is a wise proverb, so let’s see what fair advantages we have for you.

  1. Train enough to experience the mental difficulties that are secondary to being physically exhausted.
  2. Train also when you are in a less good mood, so you know how you will be feeling and dealing with it on the Camino when you’re not Mr. or Mrs. Sunshine.
  3. If you are going to walk the long trail of hundreds of kilometers, be prepared to experience the post-camino ‘depression’. This feeling will start probably already a few days before you arrive in Santiago, and your brain will be asking you questions like ‘What next’? This is usually the moment some pilgrims decide to walk on to Finisterre ;-).
  4. Once you get into Santiago you will miss (VERY MUCH MISS) the friendly ‘Buen Camino’ call-outs. You’re warned.
  5. Plan ahead and meet up with fellow pilgrims in Santiago to have a goodbye dinner together. Closure is important.
  6. Book us for a few coaching sessions where you will be guided in how to take the life lessons learned on your way, back home. We can guide you in how to apply them in your daily life.
  7. If you don’t want real coaching sessions and you have a tremendous amount of self-discipline consider this ‘trick’: write down the lessons you learned along the way. Analyze each lesson and make a top 3 of situations from your daily life where that lesson could be applied to. Write everything down. Once home read them through and try to keep them alive. More practical exercises can be obtained via our coaching sessions. Contact us for a free meet & greet.
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