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If you are worried about safety issues, please check the answer to this question.

If you are worried about whether or not a companion is a good idea or not, read on.
You should talk about the mutual expectations before starting your walk (and continue to do so during your walk). You can do this by trying to figure out your mutual thoughts around these questions:

What do we do if one of us wants to ‘give up’?

What do we do if one of us wants to stop for the day and the other can still continue for at least 5 more km?

How much do we want to spend on our meals? Does one prefer a complete meal and is the other okay with just having a sandwich?

How do we go about with our budget? Do our budgets match, or has one more to spend than the other?

Who determines the pace? (the slowest one!!)

What happens if one gets injured? Does the other stop too or continue the way?

What are our goals? Meeting people? Seeing places? Will it annoy one of you if the other is constantly talking to others? Will it annoy the other if you are always deviating from the main trail for sightseeing?

It’s important to talk about these things. It can be a huge problem and lead to unpleasant discussions if a sudden reality is not meeting mutual expectations. Keep it a buen camino!

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