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Km 0: Oviedo (All services)

Km 4,3: San Lázaro de Paniceres

Km 7,1: Llampaxuga
Capilla del Carmen (Chapel)

Km 7,8 Lloriana

Km 8,8: La Bolguina (Bar/Restaurant)

Km 9,4: Puente de Gallegos

Km 11,7: Escamplero (Albergue, Pensión, Bar, Shop)

Km 13,7: Valsera

Km 16,5: Premoño

Km 19: Paladín

If you’re not continuing to Grado, Paladín is a great place to stop. Why? Because 20 km is simply enough, trust me, you’ll agree with me. But moreover, because you can spend the night in Villa Palatina and if you would continue you would totally miss this great experience.

They have private rooms (make sure to call them to make a reservation) and the regular dorms. A swimming pool and their own homemade meals make this place the perfect pilgrim Oasis!

Tatyana, Arantza and Pablo will welcome you as family. Beware though… Pablo is a bit crazy (his own words hahaha!).

Villa Palatina, Lugar Paladín, 4 – Valduno, Las Regueras.

Km 22,4: Peñaflor (restaurant)

Km 25,2: Grado (All services)

Since this is the classic stage, let us recommend you a very special place: Albergue La Quintana (specially if you are in need of a private room).

1 Oviedo Grado


Km 0: Grado (All services)

Km 5,1: Alto de El Friesnu (and Santuario)

Km 6,2: Samarcielllu (Casita Mandala, donativo)

Km 10,3: La Rodriga (Albergue Roca Madre)

Km 10,5: Cornellana (All services, Monasterio de San Salvador).

Km 19: Casazorrina

We recommend staying here at La Figal de Xugabolos

Km 22,1: Salas (All services)

2 Grado Salas


Km 0: Salas (All services)

Km 5,9: Porciles

Km 7,1: Bodenaya (Albergue de Peregrinos de Bodenaya, David, Celia, previously Alex – donativo and famous for their hospitality – unfortunately for us, they were closed for 2 days when we passed :-(, ah well, next time!

Km 8,2: La Espina (All services)

Km 12,4: El Pedregal

Km 16,9: Santa Eulalia

Km 19,8: Tineo (All services)


3 Salas Tineo

Km 0: Tineo (All services)

Km 6,4: Alto de Piedratecha

Km 9,9: Villaluz

Km 12,9: Campiello (Bars, Shop, Albergue). Stock up on food/water.

Km 15,9: Borres (Bar/restaurant: not always open, check!) Albergue)

4 Tineo Borres


Km 0: Borres (Bar/restaurant: not always open, check!) Albergue)

Km 15: Puerto del Palo (1.146 mt)

Km 16,6: Montefurado

Km 20,5: Lago

Km 24,1: Berducedo (Albergues, Bar, Restaurant, Shop)


5 Borres Berducedo Por Hospitales


Km 0: Borres (Bar/restaurant: not always open, check!) Albergue)

Km 1,6: Samblismo (Albergue)

Km 3,5: Colinas de Arriba (Albergue)

Km 6,4: Porciles (Bar, Shop)

Km 11,1: Pola de Allande (All services)

Km 13,9: Desvío Albergue de Peñaseita (Albergue, Bar)

Km 19,5: Puerto del Palo (1.146 mt)

Km 21,1: Montefurado

Km 25: Lago

Km 28,6: Berducedo (Albergues, Bar, Restaurant, Shop)

5 Borres Berducedo Por Pola


Km 0: Berducedo (Albergues, Bar, Restaurant, Shop)

Km 4,4: La Mesa (Albergue, bar, restaurant)

Km 6,8: Capilla de Santa María de Buspol

Km 14: Presa del Embalse de Salime

Km 16: Vistalegre (Albergue-Hotel Las Grandas)

Km 20,4: Grandas de Salime (All services)

We recommend: Albergue Porta de Grandas (also has private rooms).


6 Berducedo Grandas de Salime

Km 0: Grandas de Salime (All services)

Km 2,7: Cereixeira (Bar, restaurant, shop)

Km 5,1: Castro (Bar-Restaurant-Albergue, Hotel)

Km 9,6: Peñafuente

Alto del Acebo: 1110 m

Crossing from Asturias into Galicia. Welcome to my home!

Km 13,8: Venta del Acebo (Bar-Shop)

Km 18: Fonfría

Km 23,8: Paradanova

Km 25,2: A Fonsagrada (All services)

We recommend Hotel Portico

7 Grandas de Salime A Fonsagrada


Km 0: Padrón (Albergue)

Km 3,2: Vilardongo

Km 6: Montouto

Km 7,3: Hospital de Montouto

Km 10,9: Paradavella (Bars)

Km 13,4: A Degolada

Km 15,8: A Lastra (Bar)

Km 18,6: Fontaneira (Bar)

Km 23,4: O Cádavo Baleira (All services)

Camino Primitivo Stage 8

30,5 km – 4 albergues

Km 0: O Cádavo Baleira (All services)

Km 2,2: Alto da Vaqueriza

Km 6,2: Vilabade

Km 8,6: Castroverde (All services)

Km 9,9: San Miguel do Camiño

Km 12,5: Souto de Torres

Km 15: Vilar de Cas (Soda and Snacks machine)

Km 17,6: Gondar (Soda, Coffee, Snacks and Sandwiches machine)

Km 24,5: As Casas da Viña (Bar at a couple of km)

Km 28,4: Castelo

Km 30,5: Lugo (All services)

Camino Primitivo Stage 9

19,7 km – 2 albergues

Km 0: Lugo (All services)

Km 2,3: San Lázaro (Bars)

Km 7,5: Seoane

Km 9,9: San Vicenzo do Burgo (Bar)

Km 13,5: Bacurín

Km 17,7: Taboeiro (Tavern with traditional Galician dishes at 250 m at the crossingpoint to Crecente)

Km 18,8: San Romao da Retorta (Tavern)

Km 19,7: Castrelo (Albergues)

Camino Primitivo Stage 10

27,7 km – 9 albergues

Km 0: San Romao da Retorta (Castrelo) (Albergues)

Km 3,1: O Burgo de Negral

Km 7,5: O Carballal (Albergue)

Km 10,9: San Xurxo de Augas Santas

Km 13: As Seixas (Albergue, Bar)

Km 14,6: Casacamiño (Rural hotel, Bar)

Km 15,8: Hospital de As Seixas (Casa de Mapi offers shelter)

Km 19: Vilouriz

Km 22,1: Irago de Arriba (Bar)

Km 27,7: Melide (All services)

Camino Primitivo Stage 11

Continue on the final stages of the Camino Francés.

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