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23.7 km

Km 0: San Vicente de la Barquera (all services) Book your accommodation here.

Taking the variant via Hortigal and Gandarilla (see map) you’ll be a bit quicker (8.5 km less) but is mostly on paved secondary roads – the official track before 2015. We continue on the ‘new’ official way:

Km 5.6: Serdio (albergue, bar, restaurant)

A few kms after Serdio or in Muñorrodero, you can still opt to switch to the Camino del Norte.

Km 8.8: Muñorrodero (pension, bar, restaurant)

Km 19.7: Cabanzón

Puente el Arrudo (albergue, bar, restaurant)

Km 23.7: Cades 

15.7 km

Km 0: Cades

Km 4.6: Venta Fresnedo

+ 1.2 Km: Variant via Quintanilla (All services, Rural house Posada Reñasagra)

Km 7.8: Sobrelapeña

Km 10: Lafuente

Km 11.4: Burio

Km 15.7: Cicera (albergues, bar, shop)

23.2 km

Km 0: Cicera (albergues, bar, shop)

Km 7.5: Lebeña

Km 9.2: Allende

Km 11.7: Cabañes (albergue)

Km 13.7: Pendes

Tama (rural house, bar, restaurant, shop)

Aliezo (Rural house, bar, restaurant, shop)

Ojedo (all services)

Km 20.5: Potes (all services)

Km 23.3: Monasterio de Santo Toribio de Liébanas (opens at 10.00 am, more info)

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