Camino Inglés

122 km – 6 stages

Whether you get on a boat in Dartmouth, Plymouth, Bristol, Southampton, London or Newcastle, or whether you simply take a plane from wherever you are to start walking in Ferrol (122K) or in A Coruña (74K), The English Way is an experience in itself full of history and you don’t even have to be British to appreciate that.

In general, pilgrims start in Ferrol, since that will provide enough kilometers to obtain the Compostela. However, if obtaining the Compostela (or yet another one...) is not your objective, you can also start in La Coruña (~74K).

If you start in A Coruña instead of Ferrol you can start here and continue with stage 5:

33,6 km – 2 albergues

Km 0: A Coruña (All services)

Km 4,5: Eirís

Km 6,4: O Portazgo

Km 10: Puebla del Burgo

Km 11,3: Almeiras

Km 13,6: Medieval bridge of A Xira

Km 14,5: Sobrecarreira

Km 16,8: O Drozo

Km 18,7: Lameira

San Xián de Sergude (Albergue, bar/shop)

Km 23,5: Aquelabanda

Km 30,3: As Travesas

Km 33,6: Hospital de Bruma

Camino Ingles Stage 1a

15 km – 2 albergues

Km 0: Ferrol (All services)

Km 6,4: Polígono industrial A Gándara (Bar)

Km 8,6: A Faisca

Km 9,7: Monasterio de San Martiño de Xubia

Km 12,1: Outeiro

Km 15: Neda (All services)

Camino Ingles Stage 1

16 km – 1 albergue

Km 0: Neda (All services)

Km 5,9: Fene (All services)

Km 9,2: Polígono de Vilar do Colo (Bar-Restaurant)

Km 13,6: Playa de la Magdalena (Bar)

Km 16: Pontedeume (All services)

Camino Ingles Stage 2

21 km – 2 albergues

Km 0: Pontedeume (All services)

Km 10,5: Miño (All services)

A Ponte do Porco / Playa de la Alameda (Bars)

Km 15: Porto de Abaixo (Bar-Restaurant)

Km 21: Betanzos (All services)

Camino Ingles Stage 3

28,3 km – 2 albergues

Km 0: Betanzos (All services)

Km 3,6: Xan Rozo

Km 7,7: San Estevo de Cos

Presedo (at 450 meters from Camino) (Albergue, Bar-Restaurant)

Km 14,4: Santa Eulalia de Leiro

Km 18,1: San Paio (Bar)

Km 25,2: A Malata

Km 28,3: Hospital de Bruma (Albergue)

Camino Ingles Stage 4

24,8 km – 2 albergues

Km 0: Hospital de Bruma (Albergue)

Km 3: Cabeza de Lobo

Km 7,1: A Rúa (Bars, Rural house)

Outeiro (Bar, Rural house)

Km 11,8: A Calle (Bar)

Km 17,4: Baxoia

Km 24,8: Sigüeiro (All services)

Camino Ingles Stage 5

16,5 km – 15 albergues

Km 0: Sigüeiro (All services)

Km 5,3: Agualada (Hotel)

Km 11,2: Polígono de Tambre (Bar)

Km 16,5: Santiago de Compostela (All services)

Camino Ingles Stage 6

Camino Ingles


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