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35 km

Km 0: Ponferrada (All services) Book your accommodation here.

Km 5,3: Toral de Merayo (cafe, restaurant, post office, bakery, water well, butcher, medical centre, pharmacy)

Km 7,5: Villalibre (cafe, water well)

Km 9: Priaranza del Bierzo (cafe, restaurant, water well, grocery shop, medical centre, farmacy, ATM)

Km 11,4: Santalla del Bierzo (cafe, grocery shop, water well)
Two arrows leaving town and a Mojon towards Villavieja. Don’t follow the arrows to ‘Las Barrancas’.

Km 16,4: Villavieja (Albergue coming soon, water well)

Km 21: Borrenes (grocery shop, bar with meals, pharmacy, rural house, water well)

Km 27,5: Las Médulas (All services)

Km 35: Puente de Domingo Flórez (All services)

Camino de Invierno Stage 1

28,5 km

Km 0: Puente de Domingo Flórez (All services)

Km 1,3: Quereño (Arrival in Galicia)

Km 5: Pumares (Natural spring fountain, no other services)

Km 6,5: Nogueiras

Km 10: Sobradelo (All services, including train station and a public pool)

Km 13: Éntoma (bar, well)

Km 16,5: O Barco (All services)

Km 21: Arcos (hotel)

Km 23,5: Villamartín (Albergue, bar, grocery, ATM, hostal, public pool, pharmacy)

Km 28: A Rúa (All services: get here everything you need, the next ~28 km do not offer many services).

Camino de Invierno Stage 2

24,9 km

Km 0: A Rúa (All services: get here everything you need, the next ~25 km do not offer many services).

Km 7: Albaredos

Km 8,3: Montefurado (well)

Km 9: Hermidón

Km 15,9: Bendilló (well)

Km 17,6: Soldón

Km 20,7: Novaes

Km 24,9: Quiroga (All services)

Alternative route (the ancient way) via Hospital will lead you to visit some remarkable monuments. Follow the way at Caspredro instead of going down to the village and you’ll end up in Quiroga after a few kilometers with the feeling of being very happy not to have missed these few additional steps.

Camino de Invierno Stage 3

33 km

Km 0: Quiróga (All services)

Km 1,5: San Clodio (nice river beach on the banks of the Río Sil, point of interest since several ancient roads to Monforte converge in San Clodio)

Km 4,2: Nocedo (well)

Km 13,5: Carballo de Lor (well)

Km 15,4: Barxa de Lor (bar, well, restaurant, hospedaje)

Km 19,7: Castroncelos

Km 22,9: Pobra de Brollón (All services)

Km 25,7: Cereixa (bar, restaurant)

Km 30,2: Reigada

Km 33: Monforte de Lemos (All services)

Camino de Invierno Stage 4

28,5 km

Km 0: Monforte de Lemos (All services)

Km 2,1: A Vide (Quinteiro)

Km 5,7: Moreda

Km 7: A Broza

Km 7,8: Reguengo

Km 9,8: Piñeiro (well, hospedaje)

Km 12,7: Camiño Grande

Km 13,2: A Barxa

Km 14,2: Rendal

Km 14,8: Fontela (bar, restaurant, well, hospedaje)

Km 17,9: Cirdeiro

Km 21,5: Iglesia de Diomondi

Km 23,8: Belesar (bar, restaurant, well)

Km 26,2: Líncora (bar, well)

Km 28,5: Chantada (All services)

Camino de Invierno Stage 5

25,7 km

Km 0: Chantada (All services)

Km 1,6: Centulle
After passing through Centulle the camino arrives at the highway and a mojon across the road indicates (with a shell) that the camino continues straight. Turn right and leave the road at km 92 to your left. The arrows are the right indicators.

Km 2,9: Casasoa

Km 4,5: Boán

Km 5,3: Lucenza (bar, hospedaje)

Km 8: Penasillás (bar, restaurant, well, hospedaje)
Penasillas marks the beginning of a long climb to the Alto de Faro.

Km 12,6: Ermita de Nuestra Señora de O Faro

On the way up to the Alto you will pass a small picnic area on your right hand side. Immediately after that the road merges with another coming from the right. Turn right here, and that same small picnic area will be on your right again. A short distance on you will come to a left hand curve which also has a service road on the right. Take that service road and when it splits take the path the the right, following along the spine of the ridge with the windmills to your left.

Near the bottom this path crosses over a highway.  Here the signs have been manipulated.  Keep on the road with the windmills, and after the second windmill turn to the left.  There is at least one bar along this route. [source: wisepilgrim.com]

Km 20,3: Casa de Camba

Km 21,7: Río (well, restaurant, bar)

Km 25,7: Rodeiro (All services)

Camino de Invierno Stage 6

26,8 km

Km 0: Rodeiro (All services)

Km 5: Penerbosa

Km 10: Eirexe (well)

Km 11,8: Ponte Pedroso (well)

Km 18,9: Palmaz (well)

Km 22,2: Lalín (All services)

Km 26,8: A Laxe (Albergue)

Camino de Invierno Stage 7

Continue on Camino Sanabrés to Santiago de Compostela

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