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Camino Awakenings

Camino Awakenings by Liz Jester

Camino Awakenings – a Poem by Liz Jester

Strolling through one of my favorite Facebook groups, CAMIGAS ~ A Buddy System for Women on the Camino, I came across a post by Liz Jester.
She wrote a poem as she sat in front of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. She had just made it to Santiago a couple of days earlier and felt inspired by many of the lovely characters she met along The Way. She hoped someone would enjoy the poem… Oh my, did the readers enjoy – it brought tears to our eyes… Searching for a title for this post made me think about the essence of this poem. I only hope she can approve of my choice: Camino Awakenings.

I am happy she was okay with the idea to share it here at our Camino Comfort blog. Thank you Liz!

Whether you are still planning your Camino to Santiago or have done it multiple times, this poem will move you in so many ways… Buen Camino…

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Camino Packing List – Camino Buff

Camino Buff

Camino Packing List – Camino Buff

The quest of picking one item per Camino Packing List Category that I couldn’t do without on my Camino continues. While it was somewhat difficult in the previous category (General Gear), today it’s going to be a lot easier. So much, that the item I picked is already in the title of this post: my Camino Buff.

Let’s start with the name, because ‘Buff’ is used nowadays to indicate any of the available seamless, tubular garments. Yes, a simple tubular garment can be obtained at a very low cost. However, they aren’t all seamless and their fabric and the way they are produced are the reason why they are cheap. Do they work as well as the original Buff? No. We tested it.

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Camino Packing List Categories – General Gear

Camino Packing List Walking Poles

Camino Packing List

One of the major topics on your to-do-list when preparing for your Camino is the answer to the question ‘What do I need to put on my Camino Packing List’?
If I compare our first camino packing list with the current one I can’t help laughing my socks off. But more of that in the next couple of posts on this daunting topic…

I can reproduce our current camino packing list here in 5 seconds. You would be the proud owner of yet another packing list, increasing yet again your doubts on what to take and what to leave behind.

The truth is, your camino packing list is personal and everyone is different. I prefer to take it step by step, let you decide for yourself if you agree on my choices – and provide more info on that item so you can make an adequate decision based on your personal needs.

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Celtic Traditions around Samaín – Halloween in Galicia

La Queimada Halloween in Galicia

Celtic Traditions around Samaín – Halloween in Galicia

If you are walking the Camino to Santiago right now, you’ll have the opportunity to witness some of the famous Celtic traditions that are carried out around the celebration of the most important feast of the ancient Celts: Samaín (Halloween). If you are lucky you’ll even witness the ritual of La Queimada, which is the perfect treat to experience Halloween in Galicia!

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Witches of Galicia: I don’t believe, but they do exist…

witches of galicia

Witches of Galicia

In our previous blog post I shared with you the story of “La Santa Compaña” and how it was witnessed by my mother’s uncle Daniel.
Revisiting this old tale with her, we started talking about the story I’d like to share with you today. I’m glad we did, because I was under the impression that the following tale featured uncle Daniel, but my mother corrected my misunderstanding: it was uncle Manuel, one of the other brothers of her mother. My family had an encounter with one of the witches of Galicia…

Before I get to the story of uncle Manuel, let me first tell you something about witches and why they are such an important concept in Galicia and why, in general, magic is so interlaced with our culture.

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