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Witches of Galicia: I don’t believe, but they do exist…

witches of galicia

Witches of Galicia In our previous blog post I shared with you the story of “La Santa Compaña” and how it was witnessed by my mother’s uncle Daniel. Revisiting this old tale with her, we started talking about the story I’d like to share with you today. I’m glad we did, because I was under […]

La Santa Compaña – Halloween on the Camino

Santa Compaña

La Santa Compaña Welcome to the Halloween series of Camino Comfort’s blog in which we’ll be sharing some urban legends as passed on by my Galician ancestors. Today I’ll be sharing with you the legend around La Santa Compaña.

Beware The Camino on Halloween!

wally la bruxa y la luna

Halloween in Galicia? There are multiple stories and theories about how Halloween came to be, what the influence was from Christianity and how other similar traditions are interlaced. This is my favorite.

Planning The Way to Santiago: 6 perfect resources

Planning the way to Santiago

Planning The Way to Santiago – where do I start? If you want to walk (part of) The Way to Santiago you’ll probably start with gathering information from the internet. Planning The Way to Santiago is not something you get done in 5 minutes. So, if you can use a website that contains as much […]

The Codex Calixtinus – Hell on Earth?

Codex Calixtinus

What is the Codex Calixtinus? Without feeling the need to recycle information on the oldest Guide for Pilgrims on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela, I want to share a link with you that has a very nice summary about this old manuscript ‘The Codex Calixtinus’ on vivecamino.com. So, now that you know what that Codex […]

8 Camino sections to be aware of – CAMIGAS to the rescue!

Descend to El Acebo

I would like to dedicate this post to the wonderful Facebook group CAMIGAS ~ A Buddy System for Women on the Camino. What’s CAMIGAS? The Camino is safe, probably even safer than the average downtown neighborhood in an average sized city. That being said, if you are travelling alone it is always good to stay […]

The Camino Portugues Coastal Route 2014

The Camino Portugues Coastal

The Camino Portugues Coastal Route 2014 It took a bit of time to get the store and website up and running, but we did it! It has been a while since I’ve promised to post a summary of our first camino, back in 2014. Here’s a summary of our first adventure. Little did we know […]

The Camino Portugues Coastal Route – Part 1

The Camino Portugues Coastal Route

It all started on… The Camino Portugues Coastal Route! We had this wild idea of emigrating to Spain. We planned to walk about 100 km on the Portugues Way simply because that area of Galicia appealed to us. You get to know the locals and the area better if you walk around instead of speeding […]