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Heilig Jaar op de Camino Lebaniego

santo toribio

16 april is de Feestdag van Santo Toribio. Dat valt in 2023 op een zondag en dat houdt in dat het Heilige Jaar verklaart wordt en de Heilige Deur van Vergeving (Puerta Santa del Perdón) van het Klooster van Santo Toribio open gaat; de eindbestemming van de Camino Lebaniego. Voor de mensen die een volledige […]

The Ultimate Camino Packing List for Pilgrims

The Ultimate Camino Packing List

Is your backpack too fat? Ours definitely was and we had to put it several times on a diet. In the planning phase of your Camino Adventure you’ll be spending a lot of time on your gear. It happened to us. There are a lot of articles out there trying to capture the ‘Ultimate Camino […]

How to get from Santiago Airport to Sarria

Freire bus e1495644384940

Update 2021: Monbus has recently started the direct service between Sarria and Santiago. Bus leaves from the new bus station in Santiago :-). You can find the bus station at… the train station. Well done Santiago! To see complete schedules, check it out here: http://www.monbus.es/es/rutas-puntos-de-venta/193/viajar-santiago-de-compostela-sarria/#seleccion How to get from Santiago Airport to Sarria If you […]

Every Camino Route Leads to Santiago de Compostela

camino de santiago map e1667416971309

Every Camino Route Leads to Santiago The Camino Frances is the most traveled way to Santiago de Compostela. In English it’s referred to as The French Way and it’s definitely the most popular Camino route. It runs from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port on the French side of the Pyrenees to Roncesvalles on the Spanish side before making its way […]

Camino Awakenings

Camino Awakenings by Liz Jester

Camino Awakenings – a Poem by Liz Jester Strolling through one of my favorite Facebook groups, CAMIGAS ~ A Buddy System for Women on the Camino, I came across a post by Liz Jester. She wrote a poem as she sat in front of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. She had just made it to Santiago a couple of days earlier and felt […]

Camino Packing List – Camino Buff

Camino Buff

Camino Packing List – Camino Buff The quest of picking one item per Camino Packing List Category that I couldn’t do without on my Camino continues. While it was somewhat difficult in the previous category (General Gear), today it’s going to be a lot easier. So much, that the item I picked is already in […]

Camino Packing List Categories – General Gear

Camino Packing List Walking Poles

Camino Packing List One of the major topics on your to-do-list when preparing for your Camino is the answer to the question ‘What do I need to put on my Camino Packing List’? If I compare our first camino packing list with the current one I can’t help laughing my socks off. But more of […]

Celtic Traditions around Samaín – Halloween in Galicia

La Queimada Halloween in Galicia

Celtic Traditions around Samaín – Halloween in Galicia If you are walking the Camino to Santiago right now, you’ll have the opportunity to witness some of the famous Celtic traditions that are carried out around the celebration of the most important feast of the ancient Celts: Samaín (Halloween). If you are lucky you’ll even witness […]