I would like to do the Camino, BUT….

  • …I have no idea where to start planning
  • …I don’t have the time or discipline to train on my own
  • …I don’t want to walk alone
  • …I think the whole way would be too much for  me
  • …I don’t have enough days off to undertake such an adventure

Our goal is to make the Camino as a concept accessible to all. You already know that you want to walk the Camino. The reason why you haven’t done it yet is the challenge we’d like to take on with you. Take a look at the Camino de Santiago Services we offer below!


We created this website to get you kick-started. It contains all basic information you need to get a first idea of your walk.

Browsing through our website, you’ll get an idea of what the Camino is about, the gear you need and you’ll also learn how many other camino routes might fit your needs far better than the most popular ‘Camino Francés’. You don’t have to follow the way that most people follow. You don’t HAVE to do anything. The Camino is what YOU make of it. It’s YOUR Way. We are there to show you the possibilities and offer a variety of Camino de Santiago services that will fit your needs.

Let our website guide you in your first steps: it’s free!

Do you still have questions after browsing our website? No problem: let us know via e-mail at [email protected] and we’ll make sure you get your answers at no charge!


I know I probably need some special gear, but I don’t have time to investigate and shop

When we did our first walk we knew we would need light gear since we wanted to carry our own backpack. Joyce spend a LOT of time researching gear and other products back then. We discovered that it is not that easy to find everything you need in one place.

That’s when we decided to set up a small shop for pilgrims. In this shop you’ll find everything that needs to go into your backpack or luggage. Our collection includes gear and products for all types of pilgrims. We pay special attention to multipurpose products and you can be assured that the weight we mention is correct since we weigh our products ourselves. We also aim at finding products that are economic.

Light-weight does not equal expensive. New products are added regularly to get to our ultimate goal: the one-stop-shop for pilgrims!

Planning à la Carte

Eating on the Camino

I don’t have time to plan and a standard guided tour is not my cup of tea; please help me!

We have several solutions for folks that simply do not have time to dive into all possibilities. We also understand there are folks that don’t like the concept of the standard guided tours available out there and so we came up with several interesting alternatives.

We offer 1:1 sessions in which we help you with all the questions you might have. We’re a one-stop-shop and we offer all information you need on donativo-basis. This Donativo concept is typical for the Camino and makes it possible to maintain the concept for all pilgrims, no matter what they are able or not able to buy.

In addition you might want to check out the available events on our Facebook Events page to sign up for one of the other workshops or Camino Info Café meetups.


The Sun

I know I should be training for the Camino…my discipline devil does not always agree and comes up with tons of excuses…

We hear you. In fact, we have one of those little devils too.
We found a way to beat it. Get together with a group of Camino lovers in your community.

Walking together gives you additional perks: you can discuss your plans together, exchange ideas, share knowledge and make the training sessions really interesting and value-adding.

You can arrange these sessions yourself by searching for and contacting fellow pilgrims on the internet. Go for it!

For Dutch pilgrims we have relevant workshops and a Dutch Community that might be interesting for you.

Discover Galicia

Eating on the Camino

Once you have done (part of) the Camino, it will keep calling you back.

We are happy to oblige!
We even started this website and all our Camino de Santiago Services to be able to spend as much time as possible thinking about the way and walking it.

Luisa’s routes are Galician. Our love of the Camino runs deepest in the Galician routes. Our goal is to walk as many of them as possible, so we always plan our walks in the last 300 to 100 km of each of the known (and less known) routes through Spain.

In the past we did a lot of hiking in Galicia when visiting our family. In 2014 we explored our first Camino, the Camino Portugues and got ‘infected’ with the so-called ‘Camino Virus’. 

We have set up a plan to indulge our desire to walk each and every route in Galicia.

You can get to know Galicia too and if you’re Dutch, you’re in for a treat because there’s a Dutch online touroperator: Ontdek Galicië!

Camino Comfort Services

The Sun

As you can see, we can help you with planning; we are there to be your personal coach or your training buddy; we can show you how to plan shorter walks multiple times a year to make it work with your daily life!

We are both Camino addicts and we love to contribute to this lasting tradition by promoting the Camino, educating and encouraging pilgrims and future pilgrims and by bringing them together.

We encourage people in a meaningful and reliable way to walk the Camino de Santiago and help people both in a good preparation and meaningful implementation.

Once you’re back in town you’ll love our Camino gatherings with tapas & vino ;-).

Last but not least, we help you implement the lessons you learned during your walk, in your daily life.

Interested in how our Camino de Santiago Services will be of help for you?

Contact us and we’re sure we can work something special out for you!

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