Camino Comfort Services

Camino Comfort Services

I want to do the Camino, I like comfort but I don’t want to be stuck with an all-round organized tour that takes my breath (literally) away with its planned schedule.

If you agree with this statement, you are a LOT like us: a modern pilgrim who wants to experience the Camino Spirit without going all ‘die-hard’ and with the occasional comfort. Just like we like it at Camino Comfort!

Let us explain what we can offer you on your Camino. Freedom & Relaxation is our Way, Camino Comfort Services is yours. From Pilgrims for Pilgrims: Service all The Way!

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Camino Comfort

Camino Arrow We walk an average of 15 km per day. Why? Because we want to be ‘done’ around noon so we can relax, enjoy our surroundings, enjoy the food and meet nice people. You can do this also walking 25 km per day, but we like to keep things balanced: Half a day of exercise, half a day of relaxation (preferably without blisters and always listening to our body).

Camino Arrow We usually don’t sleep in albergues because we enjoy a good night’s sleep too much. We do like the (usually) private albergues since they offer private rooms ánd a very nice pilgrim atmosphere.

Camino Arrow We do carry our own backpack because we have the experience that it is much more rewarding and it gives you the autonomy to stay wherever you want. A choice you won’t have if you book ahead the albergue where you had your luggage transported to.

Camino Arrow We don’t book ahead unless there’s a good reason to do it. We do research our possibilities for the next day and then take it as it comes. The Camino will provide, as always.

Does this sound like your Way to you? Read on!

General Care

Wally loves blogging

We understand the modern pilgrim because we are modern pilgrims. However, we keep the Camino Spirit alive without turning into so-called ‘tourigrinos’:

– we walk in small groups (6 is the max).
– we don’t book ahead, so we don’t ruin the surprise element the Camino often offers its travelers.
– we will always have your back during the complete walk.
– we are your guide along your way in the sense that we offer you our services as you please.
– we walk with you for the amount of time you wish.
– we offer personal coaching and start-up guidance if you desire.
– want to learn Spanish on your Way? We’ll be your practice buddy and mentor along your Way.
– we write about our trips in our blog
– we understand not everyone understands how blogging works, so we even offer space in our blog to post your own stories!

Camino Comfort is transparent in what we offer: you pick the elements you want according to your pilgrim needs and Camino Comfort provides and serves. This way, you never pay for services you don’t need!

Take a look at all the options and take your pick!

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