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Why we do What we do

We do what we do because it makes us happy :-).

We tried to visualize for you our Happiness...

The recipe for happiness is different for everyone.

We want to share with you our own recipe so you can use the same method to find your own happiness.

It's actually a very nice exercise to do...

while you are walking the Camino...

Find (or improve) your own Happiness

We don’t mean the little things. There are a lot of things that can make you feel happy. Those are important too.

This recipe is for that daily feeling of ‘purpose of life’, the reason why you get out of bed with a feeling of being alive and lovin’ it! So let’s get to it.

Our happiness is not your happiness.  So it’s not as easy as copy/paste… However, you will find almost everyone uses the same type of main ingredients. Once you have all main ingredients you can follow the same main process.

Main ingredients: love, strength, world needs, and money

Main process: 

  1. Determine your top 5 things you love most
  2. Determine your top 5 things the world needs
  3. Determine your top 5 things you are good at
  4. Determine your top 5 things you could get paid for

Focus on these 4 lists you created. They are the essence of your personal happiness.

Mixing what you love and what you are good at provides you with Your Passion.

Mixing what you love with what the world needs provides you with Your Mission.

Mixing what you are good at with what you can be financially rewarded for provides you with Your Profession.

Mixing what you can financially rewarded for with what the world needs provides you with Your Calling.

Final Step:

Put these 4-Michelin Star Elements in the oven and let it brew for a while.

After a while you will see that they start to overlap each other.

If not, you might want to re-do the main process.

You see that circle in the middle, where all 4 Elements overlap? That’s the spot where they’ve become 1 new essence.

You’ll feel happy & you’ll know it (clap your hands) ;-)

This post is also available in: Dutch