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Ultimate Camino Packing List for Pilgrims – Free e-book

Ultimate Camino Packing List

Is your backpack too fat?

Ours definitely was and we had to put it several times on a diet. In the planning phase of your Camino Adventure you’ll be spending a lot of time on your gear. It happened to us.

There are a lot of articles out there trying to capture the ‘Ultimate Camino Packing List’. Unfortunately, there is no such thing…

The Ultimate Camino Packing List

The ultimate list (ultimate for you) is always based on personal needs. What will you be taking with you, what do you really, really need?

That’s not a question someone else can answer for you.

We all make the same mistakes the first time: you think you will be needing things – far more things than you actually will need once you are on the Camino.
That’s why a simple checklist is of no use to you. You want to know why people made certain choices so you can reflect on whether it applies to you or not.

You will not be the first pilgrim, nor the last for that matter, who will leave all sorts of stuff behind once you have felt the burden of the total weight for a couple of days.
Albergues are stuffed with that kind of items.

Looking at our own checklist it got me thinking. How can we make our list useful for someone else? This is what we came up with:

Making our packing list useful for you

  • include information per item as to why it’s on the list
  • explain certain choices a bit more so new pilgrims have enough background information to make their own choice
  • make the list available in the original work file (in our case an excel spreadsheet) so people can actually use and adapt according to their needs

Free e-book for all pilgrims

Instead of listing our items in a list in this blog post we opted for a separate e-book. Free of charge, including a download option for the original spreadsheet (also free).

The beauty of this list is that it already went through a couple of weight loss cycles!

The packing list included in this free e-book will enable you to solve some problems:

  • You will make your backpack lose some weight for sure
  • You will know how much each item of our choice weighs, so you can compare it with your own item
  • Discover opportunities for double functionality of certain items
  • Adapt our list to your needs without needing to build one from scratch
  • Automatically update weights as you go
  • Share your list across fora once completed (no copyrights here, but we sure would appreciate a reference to us)

Enough talking! Get the e-book and start packing :-)!

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