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Welcome to Camino Comfort!

Camino Comfort Team

Welcome to Camino Comfort!

We at Camino Comfort are currently working on creating a pilgrim oasis to make Your Camino, as comfortable as possible, all The Way.

What are your expectations? Here is what we heard so far from fellow-pilgrims and what we will be aiming at as our first milestones along our way:

General information on popular and less known tracks of The Camino to Santiago de Compostela;

Maps, graphics and videos to help the visual-focused pilgrim friends;

Podcasts for the audio-focused pilgrim friends;

The best packing advice ever to help you experience a comfortable camino (yes, even if you decided to carry your own back-pack like us);

Alternative stops on the caminos, so you can start convinced that it really is not necessary to walk 30 km before reaching a true pilgrim oasis;

Our own adventures on The Camino de Santiago, which will be totally fun to share with fellow-pilgrims!

And more, specially if you let us know what your expectations are; we will be most happy to exceed them!

Buen Camino,

Joyce & Luisa

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